New Year's Eve in the Park!

A number of New Year's holidays will begin in Gorky Park on Christmas Day on December 25 and will last until the end of the winter holidays. These days our guests will be pleased with their performances by artists, there will be children's programs, creative workshops, discos. The Santa Claus House will open its doors.

Zombiefest in the park!

On October 30 and 31, the ZOMBIEFEST festival dedicated to Halloween will be held in Gorky Park. This event has become one of the most anticipated and favorite among park guests. These days, bright shows, atmospheric decorations, and thematic competitions await visitors. On both days, near the House of Horrors and on the Central Alley, masters of aqua painting will be working, ready to create a thematic image to the taste of those who wish.

How will the Kupala festivities go in the park?

One of the most beloved folk holidays of the summer is Ivan Kupala. The triumph of nature, the search for magical flowers in the forests, jumping through the fire at night, weaving wreaths, romantic songs and dances. Encounters with otherworldly forces and the all-conquering power of love. All this is about the holiday of Ivan Kupala. It will be celebrated in Gorky Park on July 9, 10 and 11.