"Plant a Tree" campaign

A large, green tree from ancient times symbolizes prosperity, health and love.

Therefore, the best way to show these feelings to family and friends is to plant a tree together. You can dedicate this event to a newborn, newlyweds, hero of the day. Or plant a seedling as a family, class, university group, or group of friends.

We will prepare a place, provide shovels, help to plant your tree correctly.

On the day of boarding, the participants of the action give all the skiing cards to the orphans. You will give children deprived of parental love the opportunity to ride the rides and get a lot of pleasure and happiness.

Participants of the action will receive special certificates, information plates with a list of participants of the action will be installed in the landing zones.

To participate in the Promotion, reserve a seedling at 050 364 82 23 057 725 27 87 (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on business days).

Plant a tree and join our tradition - after all, the townspeople themselves created Gorky Park by planting trees along future alleys. Contribute to the development of your favorite park!