Weddin pavillion

For the ideal visiting ceremonies in July 2017 wedding pavilion was created in the beautiful park of our country.

Spacious and stylish, it can easily accommodate up to 60 guests and adapts to any format: a cozy family ceremony or a loud wedding anniversary with a buffet and dance - to choose from.

As for the organization, you can be sure. The happy coordinator of Happy City will take care of the comfort of your guests.

Before the ceremony, you can set up a small welcome area and a buffet table - to make the guests more fun.

It is a solemn moment - newlyweds appear. Together, step by step. Or an agitated father anxiously hands over his beloved daughter to the groom. Can you have a large Bride squad and your own program - in any case, you will be comfortable in the wedding pavilion.

The beautiful and stylish décor meets the latest global trends of the current season, and the park itself is so picturesque that a photo walk can be delayed. The newlyweds usually arrive early for a photo shoot, as guests can easily come by themselves - the park is right in the center of the city, and there is parking next to the pavilion.

Choosing a pavilion for visiting ceremonies, you get:

- high service and respect;
- comfort for your guests and peace of mind for you;
- A beautiful solemn wedding ceremony accompanied by live music;
- wedding coordinator;
- beautiful pictures;
- adapt the space of the gazebo and the course of the ceremony for each pair;
- the ability to rent a pavilion at any time;
- The possibility of an evening exit ceremony and a buffet table.

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