Quest rooms Questland

QUESTLAND quest rooms are located in the heart of the park, on the second floor of the Fairytale House.

Quest rooms are a thematic intellectual game in which players are locked in a room from which they must get out in 60 minutes.

To do this, you have to look for objects, solve puzzles. An important role is played by the atmosphere of the game, the plot and the originality of the puzzles.

This location combines the most atmospheric, most fantastic quest rooms in Kharkov.

Currently there are 6 quests to choose from.

“Saw” based on the famous horror movie, “Prisoners of Nautilus” - a quest dedicated to Captain Nemo and his famous submarine.

The quest "The Book of Life of Leonardo Da Vinci" about the secrets of the famous genius, his research on man.

"Hogwarts Defenders" will appeal to fans of the Harry Potter universe.

The quest "In da House" immerses you in the world famous series "Doctor House" and you have to work hard to solve a medical secret.

New quest "The Mummy" for adventure lovers and secrets of Ancient Egypt.

Quests are suitable for children and adults. Our consultants will be happy to pick up a quest for any age and preferences. You can order the game by calling 099 110 37 27