Quest rooms Questland

QUESTLAND quest rooms are located in the heart of the park, on the second floor of the Fairytale House.

Quest rooms are a thematic intellectual game in which players are locked in a room from which they must get out in 60 minutes.

To do this, you have to look for objects, solve puzzles. An important role is played by the atmosphere of the game, the plot and the originality of the puzzles.

This location combines the most atmospheric, most fantastic quest rooms in Kharkov.

for teens and adults

Quest rooms in Gorky Park

Anyone who loves riddles, puzzles, intellectual and logical tasks should definitely visit the quest room in Gorky Park with their friends or like-minded people. Can your team find the exit in just 60 minutes? Come to QUESTLAND to test your resourcefulness. Spend time in an interesting and unusual way, get to know each other better in an extreme situation.

When did the first quests appear?

Quest-room games consist in the search by several participants for a key that will help them get out of a confined space. The progenitors of the genre are video games. Various tasks and puzzles allow you to develop attention, imagination, and also train the ability to work in a team, find and use objects in a non-standard way.

The first entertainment of this type was created by American programmers in 2006 based on the works of the legendary Agatha Christie, and quickly gained wide popularity around the world. A little later, similar games arose in Hong Kong: students decided to diversify their vacation in a summer camp in this way.

How to find quest rooms?

In Ukraine, quests began to appear in 2014 and today they exist throughout the country. One of the best quest rooms in Kharkov is QUESTLAND, which is located in the center of Gorky Park (there is a detailed map on our website). To get into the magical world of secrets and mysteries, you need to go up to the second floor of the Fairy House, located to the left of the Ferris wheel. Here you will find exciting quests of different genres that will be of interest to both teenagers and adults.

Which quest should you choose?

In QUESTLAND, you can visit any of the seven quests, depending on your preference. Each of them has a different theme, riddles and is designed for different ages:

  • Defenders of Hogwarts. Participants enter the fabulous world of magic and sorcerers. They have a responsible mission - to protect the Schools of Magic around the world from the destructive spell of the insidious Voldemort. The guys will have to hurry in order to save Hogwarts from the destroying ritual of the Dark Seal within an hour. The minimum participation age is 12 years.
  • Quarantine in da House. The famous doctor from the television series of the same name has appointed your team as his assistants and now you must at all costs cure a colleague who has become infected with an unknown virus. In this quest, you need to use your wit and all your knowledge in medicine in order to save a friend's life in 60 minutes. We invite children who have reached the age of 16.
  • The book of the life of Leonardo da Vinci. The works of the great artist are shrouded in secrets that scientists still cannot unravel. You are the only ones who can find the key to the riddle of the da Vinci Book of Life, however, to find it, you will have to use your brains a lot, turning on logic and showing erudition. We are waiting for girls and boys from 12 years old who love secrets and challenging puzzles.
  • Mummy. Pharaoh's curse. The tomb of the heretic Akhenaten, forgotten and cursed by the people and gods of Egypt, was found in the desert several thousand years later. The members of your team will be the first to descend into the dungeons of the pyramid, but only the most courageous and resourceful guys can get out of it. If you love adventure and you are over 14 years old, then this quest is for you.
  • Saw. A quest for daredevils who value their life and are ready to overcome any phobias with health risks for it. This is a good shake-up and a way to feel the adrenaline and test your nerves for strength. Attention: the game is for adults only!
  • Prisoners of the Nautilus. Having become victims of a shipwreck, the heroes of the quest get on board a mysterious submarine called the Nautilus. It turns out that the captain of the submarine is not in the mood to receive guests, and you have to find a way out before the ship goes down into the water. You have exactly an hour to get out of the water dry, using all the baggage of your talents and accumulated knowledge. The age of the participants is 12 plus.
  • Alien. For 60 minutes, you will be transported to the year 2224, turning into members of the crew of a spaceship. While exploring the planet Next, you find aggressive life forms. Aliens attack the ship, from which you need to escape as quickly as possible. An excellent choice for the brave and fantasy lovers aged 12 and over.

What is the price of the quest room?

The cost of the quest is from 500 to 850 hryvnia, depending on the number of people. Children aged 9 to 12 can participate in the presence of an employee (plus 200 hryvnia) or an adult team member (for an additional participant plus 100 hryvnia). The number of players is from two to five. Walking time - 1 hour.

We are waiting for you any day - on weekdays from 13.00 to 21.30, on weekends - from 11.00 to 21.30. Book participation on the QUESTLAND website and play quest rooms with your friends!