We offer exciting and informative group excursions to the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after M. Gorky for small and large Kharkiv citizens, as well as guests of our city.

The area of the park territory is 130 ha. It is difficult and inconvenient to independently master such an impressive zone. We offer group tours of Central Park in order to briefly familiarize yourself with all the local attractions.

The duration of the excursion route is 1 hour. This time does not include riding rides. Having agreed in advance with the guide, you can choose carousels at will and add them to the list of obligatory stops along the route.

The excursion involves an active group rest, therefore, by default it is a pedestrian. However, according to the mood of the customer, a recreational park train may be involved. It is no less interesting to look at colorful park landscapes from the window of a cozy trailer.

You can not ignore such an important point as the cost of the tour - for students or a group of adults up to 10 people it is 100 UAH. Each participant in excess of this amount adds 10 hryvnia to the original price.

Kharkov Central Park is in the TOP-25 of amusement parks in Europe. It is called the local Disneyland for its vibrant design, well-groomed territory, and an abundance of entertainment. We offer outdoor activities for children, their parents, grandparents.

Sightseeing tour of "Kharkov Disneyland"

The route starts at the massive white colonnade, the main entrance to Gorky Park - excursions pass through its vast territory, capturing all the thematic parts up to the forest park strip.

The guide will tell you about the layout, arrangement of the area, the history of the creation and development of the entertaining green zone of Kharkov.

Tourists will find out what a French park is, where you can relax with your whole family, how to find a bonsai and a Japanese fountain, where to go for an adrenaline rush for adults, children, what unusual plants you can see, why the retro zone is the greenest.

On a tour of the Central Park, the most curious visitors will be able to get acquainted with the device, design, features of attractions and fountains.

The Central Park is diverse and diverse - excursions among shady alleys will take guests to different countries and cities - East, Egypt, America, France, London, Rome.

A separate part of the tour in Gorky Park is historical. The alleys of the current cultural and park giant were laid about 100 years ago, and the first trees were planted by enthusiasts along future paths even earlier. What prototype of what European park was Kharkov? Why does the older generation call the park Nikolaevsky Garden? How many thousands of years is the oldest local tree? Visit Gorky Park - group tours will talk about this and much more.

Tourists will also be able to get acquainted with the permanent inhabitants of the park pond - graceful swans, nimble ducks, measured turtles, admire exotic animals, birds, fish, and if you are lucky, feed the squirrel live.

Concerning the organization of excursions, please contact the indicated numbers: +38 (057) 7252787; +38 (050) 3027823. Have a nice rest!