Laser tag game is a military sports game that simulates the real situation of the Wild West. Participants in the shooter temporarily become brave sheriffs and cowboys, bandits and Indians, completely immersed in the atmosphere of a brave confrontation.

The games take place in the atmosphere of the Wild West in the fenced area of “Billy Kid's Lair”.

Today, laser paintball is the safest form of entertainment in this category. To conduct the battle, the participants are divided into two teams, receive imitations of real weapons equipped with an infrared emitter, as well as a headband with a sensor. As soon as the “shot” hits the target, the player is eliminated without actually receiving the slightest injury. The task of each team is to completely remove opponents from the game. You can ambush, hide behind partitions, shoot secretly - the equipment of the laser center allows you to deploy to full. At the end of playing time, team losses are calculated. The winner of the laser tag round is the team whose number remains larger.

Among the main advantages of laser tag:
1. children from 8 years are allowed;
2. no pain from infrared “shots”;
3. laser tag price is quite affordable;
4. unfair play is completely ruled out
5. the laser does not require recharging;
6. scenery, weapons, atmosphere as close as possible to reality;
7. no complicated, heavy equipment required.

Laser tag games in Gorky Park are divided according to different scenarios, difficulty levels. Search for treasures, fight with bandits or, conversely, hide from the sheriff - no restrictions!

The main accessory of the laser tag is the Henry rifle - the well-known weapon that America was trembling from. The rifle is full-weight, so it adds even more colors, realism, authenticity to western-style games (laser fights).

Laser tag in Gorky Park will help to make bright and unforgettable:
1. birthday;
2. children's holiday;
3. working corporate party.

A Gift Certificate is issued for this service, so you can please a loved one with an original gift.

It is not necessary to look for a reason to get together and have fun in the scenery of the Wild West. Visit us at any time for thrills, vivid emotions, enthusiastic impressions - laser battles in Kharkov guarantee an unforgettable pastime, an adrenaline rush. With us your favorite westerns will become a reality!

In addition, the game promotes physical development, muscle strengthening, training of strength of mind, a sense of partnership, accuracy, eye, skill. The Lair is located in the open air, in the shade of park trees, which also positively affects the health and well-being of players.

Given the mass of advantages that laser combat offers (Kharkov), the price of the service does not cause disputes. You get much more than just a variety of leisure activities - lively emotions, the opportunity to experience a real adventure, enjoy freedom and permissiveness. And the task of the organizers is to make the quest as comfortable, affordable, realistic as possible.

Hurry up to book a laser paintball for children for the necessary date. Have fun!

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