Zombiefest in the park!


On October 30 and 31, the ZOMBIEFEST festival dedicated to Halloween will be held in Gorky Park. This event has become one of the most anticipated and favorite among park guests. These days, bright shows, atmospheric decorations, and thematic competitions await visitors. On both days, near the House of Horrors and on the Central Alley, masters of aqua painting will be working, ready to create a thematic image to the taste of those who wish.

Saturday's program is aimed primarily at children, while Sunday's event is aimed at adults. Children should attend the adult program only with their parents.



In view of the current restrictions, we urge holiday guests to observe social distance, wear a mask in crowded places and premises, and use hand sanitizer. We also urge everyone to get vaccinated - there is still time before the holiday.


The program of the first day of the festival is based on the adventures of the Adams family. Young participants of the holiday will have to go through a lot of tests, hunt ghosts and get sweets. Children in carnival costumes will be able to take part in the "Life or treat" campaign. They will need to find attractions in the park decorated with carved pumpkins and tell the employee the password - "Life or treat". In return, the child will receive a handful of candies.

The White Kid's Lair will host an interactive Ghost Hunt. Each participant in the game receives a laser rifle with 50 shots. Children have to find ghosts on the ranch and destroy them with accurate shots. As a prize, the team will receive a large piñata with gifts. The cost of the game will be 30 hryvnias (tickets are purchased at the ticket office of the park).

From 12.00 in Jack's Pantry on the Central Square, the registration of the participants of the carved pumpkin competition will begin. And from 4:30 p.m., the award ceremony of the winners will take place on the Main Stage. The traditional costume contest among children will be held at 1:00 p.m. The brightest and most atmospheric images will be awarded with prizes.

Competition programs for dexterity, dexterity and luck will be held during the day. A spooky science show will be presented by Professor Trout, the premiere of the musical "Very Scary Tales" will take place, and the band "Brighttone" will perform.


On October 31, the ZOMBIEFEST festival invites young people and adults to join in the fun. The holiday starts at 14:00 with a special competition program. This year, we were inspired by Netflix's most popular series, The Squid Game, when we prepared the horror contests for adults. Contestants must pass similar tests during our festival. Winners receive prizes, losers are eliminated.

Additional stage areas will be located near the House of Horrors and near the Main Entrance. Illusion, scientific shows, concerts of rock bands, competitions will be held on them.

One of the brightest events of the holiday is a mass procession of zombies. Every year it is gaining more and more scope. Participants in carnival costumes gather at the main entrance to the park at 5:30 p.m. The march will pass along the Central Alley to the Ferris wheel.