Bookcrossing by the lake


Our park has been replenished with another interesting location, namely the bookcrossing zone.
The zone is located near the lake in the park and it looks very presentable. Benches in the form of open books and a similar cabinet in the form of an open book where books are stored. The new "library" presents different genres of literature - from fantasy to children's literature, which makes it possible for people of all ages to read an interesting book, and for young visitors to the park to take a break from active games with a fascinating story.
By the way, anyone can use the offered books, and if you want to pick up the copy you like, then according to the bookcrossing rule, you should leave the replacement taken and preferably in the same genre. According to the idea of the organizers of this location, it will become no less popular than the attractions of the park, and also aims to attract Kharkiv residents to read books in paper format. By the way, in anticipation of the organizers, that the replenishment of this “library” will become a new entertainment for Kharkiv residents and they will soon have to put a second “volume” for books.