How will the Kupala festivities go in the park?

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One of the most beloved folk holidays of the summer is Ivan Kupala. The triumph of nature, the search for magical flowers in the forests, jumping through the fire at night, weaving wreaths, romantic songs and dances. Encounters with otherworldly forces and the all-conquering power of love. All this is about the holiday of Ivan Kupala. It will be celebrated in Gorky Park on July 9, 10 and 11.

On the Main Alley, for three days in a row, it will be possible to weave a Kupala wreath and take part in folk master classes. On Saturday, July 10, wonderful fern flowers will bloom in the secluded corners of the park. Anyone can try their luck and find flowers. You can find them in the inconspicuous corners of the park, but they are accessible to visitors - you don’t need to climb into the bushes.
Folklore groups will perform on the main stage all Saturday, folk competitions will be held. Among the speakers are the Great Academic Slobozhansky Song and Dance Ensemble, the folklore quintet "3 2". At 21.30 Kupala fire show will show the fire show "Panther".
A magical atmosphere will envelop the Lake. Theatrical action will unfold both on the shore of the reservoir and on its surface. At 19.00, a boat with a musician will sail on the lake, who will perform romantic melodies. At 20.00, the folklore performance "The Magical Power of Kupala" will begin with the participation of the trio of bandura players "Zoredana", the show-ballet on the water "Aqua Angels", a dance group of park animators. The performance will end at 21.00 with the traditional launch of wreaths into the Lake. Anyone can join the Kupala tradition. From the Lake, the festive procession will go through the park to the Main Stage.

Kupala festivities will continue on Sunday, July 11. Folk workshops, weaving wreaths on the Main Alley, performances by creative teams, competitions and a disco await our guests on this day.