Starry night in Gorky Park


Do you love cool Ukrainian cinema as much as we do? From September 3 to 18, in the Retropark of Gorky Park, we will show you Ukrainian films that have become the most successful at the box office, collecting the largest box offices.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, we have prepared a selection of the best modern Ukrainian films of various genres — from comedy and animation to drama and action.

The open-air cinema "Starry Night" has set itself the goal of popularizing modern Ukrainian cinema among the Eastern Ukrainian audience, offering residents of Kharkiv and guests of the city not only to watch quality cinema in the open air for free, but also to meet and talk with creative groups, director(s), the heroes of the tapes.

When: 03.09-18.09.2021

Where: Retropark in Gorky Park, Kharkiv. Shows start at 8:00 p.m

 3 September - "Cyborgs":

Film directed by Akhtem Seitablayev based on Natalka Vorozhbyt's script about imaginary 10 out of 242 days of defense of Donetsk airport.

The movie tells about defenders - witnesses of the birth of the Ukrainian political nation, new people, a new country. During filming, the director and actors were consulted by several real defenders of the airport - about the life of soldiers, handling weapons, manner of movement, equipment marking and military vocabulary.

"Cyborgs" was included in the list of the 100 best films in the history of Ukrainian cinema, and also received recognition at the international film festival in Erhovin, a victory in six "Golden Dzi" nominations and an award from the national award of film critics "Kinokol".

September 4 - "11 Children from Morshyn":

We found real superheroes. And these are children from Morshyn 😍 It all started in Morshyn. Legends say that the city was founded on the site of a meteorite, which is rich in the rare metal - osmium.

In an effort to earn easy money, Snow White decides to deceive everyone and take possession of a valuable object. It would have been nothing if 11 children from Morshin had not appeared on her way. Gathering together for a common goal, they begin the fight against injustice.

11 Children from Morshyn is a 2019 Ukrainian comedy film directed by Rkady Nepytalyuk. The tape was a success among viewers, and was also nominated for the national award "Golden Dziga"

September 5 "Viktor Robot":

This is a story from the distant future. About a man who suddenly realized that he is a robot, and the same robots surround him. By chance, the main character meets a little girl, Vika. Everything started to go wrong on the planet of robots, and together with a new friend, the robot Victor will try to "fix" this world.

The tape contains: both a real antagonist, and a search for a missing character, as well as a rethinking of values after passing tests. And finally, it should be added that the main characters are voiced by well-known Ukrainian artists, including Rimma Zyubina, Viktor Zhdanov, Bohdan Benyuk and Anatoliy Hostikoev. So the voices of the characters will sound quite familiar to an adult audience.

September 6 "Mountain Woman: At War"

The film tells the story of a woman who has declared war on the local aluminum industry in the Highlands, Iceland. The national premiere of the film took place at the Odesa International Film Festival, where "The Mountain Woman at War" was selected as the opening film.

Here are some interesting facts about the movie:

—The film project became one of the winners of the tenth competitive selection of the State Cinema in the category feature-length co-production films (author's film).

—Filming of the film "Woman at War" lasted about eight weeks and took place in Iceland and Ukraine. —The film received the award for the best music at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival.

September 7 "Donbas"

Events are growing in the East of Ukraine at the height of hostilities that followed the victory of the Revolution of Dignity.

The drama "Donbas" about the war in eastern Ukraine was co-produced by Germany, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands and Romania. The film's director, Serhii Loznytsia, wrote the script himself. The film consists of 13 stories that flow into each other. Loznytsia took the plots from videos on YouTube, which were taught by eyewitnesses and participants of the events.

September 8 "Inglourious Basterds":

The rules of a samurai are simple: fight with two swords, train for half a day and not get into trouble for the sake of feelings. But how to fulfill at least one thing, when your name is Taras Shevchenko, your girlfriend is being beaten by a heathen, and your mentor is beating you to train your iron will? You will have to become a samurai in 2 days: shoot "Macedonian", run fast and finally stop staring at the geisha.

September 9 "My thoughts are quiet":

Everyone seems to love this movie! Someone fell in love with the slightly embarrassed hero Vadim (brilliantly embodied by Andrey Lidagovskiy), someone fell in love with his mother (played by Irma Vitovska-Vants), and someone was fascinated by such a strange journey in search of the Rakhiv mallard.

If you haven't seen "My Thoughts Are Quiet" - this is a great opportunity to rectify that situation. If you watched the movie - watch it - what you need for a good mood on the eve or during the weekend.

September 10 "Home":

Mustafa, a Crimean Tatar, has his firstborn son die. The father comes to Kyiv, where his two sons went after the annexation of Crimea, in order to return the younger son home, and to bury the older son in his homeland in Crimea according to Muslim traditions.

Directed by Nariman Aliev.

Producer Vladimir Yatsenko.

Starring Axtem Seitablaiev and Remzi Bilyalov.

September 11 "Foxter and Max":

This is a story about a twelve-year-old schoolboy Max, who runs away from home and hides under a bridge. There he finds a can of nano-paints and draws graffiti of a dog. Unexpectedly, graffiti drawn by a boy comes to life and turns into a nanorobot dog with superpowers. And now they are both being hunted by a dangerous criminal who will stop at nothing to get hold of this powerful technology. The boy Max gets into a whirlwind of adventures, thanks to which he finds real friends.

September 12 "Atlantis":

"Atlantida" won the Grand Prix in the "Horizons" section of the 76th Venice International Film Festival (for the first time in the history of Ukraine), was included in the long list of the European Film Academy and took part in more than 50 festivals.

The film tells about the near future - 2025. After Ukraine's victory in the war with Russia, the occupied Donbas was returned to the state, but its territories were declared uninhabitable. However, against the background of devastation, a new love is born.

September 13 "Tribe":

The film tells the story of a young boy, Serhiy, who arrived at a boarding school for the hearing impaired, where he joins the criminal group "Tribe" and falls in love with a girl, Hanna.

✨   The tape is special because it became the first film in the world shot without a single word - exclusively in Ukrainian sign language, and at the same time there are no subtitles, intertitles or voiceover.

✨     There are no soundtracks and musical accompaniment in the film, which helps to feel the effect of presence and also put yourself in the place of the actors.

✨ The tape was released in dozens of countries and was presented at more than 100 film festivals around the world, where it received more than 100 awards, including the European Film Prize and three prizes at the Cannes Film Festival.

September 14 "Zakhar Berkut"

1241 year. The Mongol horde, led by Khan Burunda, moves west, destroying everything in its path. Having reached the high Carpathian Mountains, the army stops at the foot. However, at night, several local hunters, the Berkut brothers, sneak into the camp and free the prisoners. Infuriated with rage, the khan decides to go directly to take revenge and destroy the Carpathian settlements. For this, he finds a traitor among the locals, who opens a passage in the mountains for him and me. However, a small community of mountain dwellers under the leadership of Zakhar Berkut has its own plan to stop the numerous enemy forever.

September 15 "Bobot and the energy of the universe"

When the world is engulfed in complete darkness, the earth will be overrun by unknown creatures who have been waiting for the moment for thousands of years to carry out a terrible attack on humanity. That's when an unknown savior will appear who is able to defeat the forces of evil. Who is this hero and will light triumph over darkness?

September 16 "DZIDZIO Double Bass":

Four years ago, this tape made a real boom! Some film critics spoke favorably of the film, praising the fact that it is "popular", ordinary Ukrainians can recognize themselves in it. And some criticized the film crew...

Despite this, the tape Dzidzio Kontrabas took part in the selection for the nomination of a film from Ukraine for the 90th anniversary film award "Oscar" of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the category "Best film in a foreign language", and was also a wild success among ordinary viewers

"Dzidzio Kontrabas" is a Ukrainian film comedy directed by Oleh Borshchevskii, which tells the story of three guys who want to earn money by transporting contraband. Mykhailo Khoma (Dzidzio), Nazarii Huk, and Orest Halytskyi are in the main roles. In 2018, the film received the Audience Award from the "Golden Dzi a" award, and was also included in the "Best Film" and "Best Actor in a Leading Role" nominations.

September 17 "Bad roads":

Film by the director and screenwriter Nataliya Vorozhbit, adaptation of her 2017 play of the same name. The events of the film take place on the roads of Eastern Ukraine during 2015. Stories about love, hate, trust, betrayal and violation of personal boundaries against the background of violation of state borders.

Each of the 5 different novels, based on the theme of roads, tells about strong relationships between people that arise against the background of war. The script was created on the basis of stories collected by the author in Eastern Ukraine

September 18 "The price of truth":

Does the truth have a price? And can it cost someone's life? The film directed by Agnieszka Holland - "The Price of Truth" gives answers to these (and not only) questions.

The film tells about the British journalist Gareth Jones, who first told the world about the Holodomor of 32-33 years in Ukraine. The journalist interviewed Hitler himself, and now, in the 1930s, he dreams of an interview with Joseph Stalin.

In particular, our native Kharkiv became one of the locations of the film - the film was co-produced by Poland, Great Britain and Ukraine.

And in order not to miss anything, like it Starry night. Open air cinema, to follow the program and other events in the world of cinema. And, of course, invite your friends, because watching a movie in a fun company is always unforgettable and impressive.

Ukrainian cinema - to be!

03.09-18.09.2021, Retro Park in the Central Park named after Gorky, Kharkiv

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