Evening on Ivan Kupala

The most fabulous, atmospheric and romantic summer holiday - Ivan Kupala - will be celebrated in Gorky Park on July 6 and 7. The evening on the eve of the holiday will be marked by a bright mystery on the Lake, a large-scale folk concert on the main stage of the park.


Park guests will plunge into the atmosphere of a national holiday at the beginning of Central Square. Several bright photo zones in rural style will be set here. In a barn with herbs, they will teach how to weave a wreath, and at the entrance to the square - to make a home amulet.

On Saturday, July 6, you can try your luck in search of a fern flower. 7 magic flowers will appear in the park and will surely bring luck to the finder. You can find them in the most inconspicuous corners of the park, but in accessibility for visitors - you don’t need to climb into the bushes for a wonderful flower.

Folklore groups will perform on the main stage, the contest “Color Paporota” will take place, at 20.40 the fire show “Panther” will show the Kupala performance.

At 21.00 the festive procession will leave for the Lake, where the Kupala mystery will take place. The scene will be the island and the surface of the reservoir itself. Here the vocal program “Spiv dushі”, theatrical sketch “Mavka Lisova” and the traditional launch of wreaths by all comers will take place. During the mystery, the synchronized swimming group will perform for the first time.

On Sunday, Kupala festivities continue. A series of craftsmen will be located on the Central Alley, who will share their knowledge with everyone. The folklore groups of Kharkov and the region will perform on the main stage, and national competitions will be held. The festive evening will be completed by the performance of the cover of the L’uys Kerol band and the youth disco from DJ Tokyo Rabbit.