Summer equator

On July 14, Gorky Park will host the Equator of Summer - the most refreshing holiday of hot summer. All day water competitions, raffles, large-scale water battle, foam party will take place. The motto of the holiday - No one will go dry!

At 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 and 19.00, a sprinkler will pass along the Main Alley, which will dazzle everyone who falls under its stream. The car will proceed to the Main Stage and will circle there until it empties the entire tank. For those who want to stay dry, we advise you to move to the side alley at this moment.

From 13.00 on the Central Square will be held competitions in aqua darts, boat racing, dueling on water pumps. There will be entertainment programs with water contests. Participants and winners will receive prizes from the partners of the holiday.

At 15.00 the foam party starts. Without a small ton of foam will fall on the participants of the holiday. After the dance set, the participants of the boys band "Mustache" and youth teams will take the stage.

During the equator of summer, a large-scale water battle is traditionally held. It will begin at 17.30. All participants of the holiday will be divided into two teams. Water tanks will be placed throughout the area, watering hoses will work. The animators of the park will make their contribution - they will douse all of the buckets, basins, water pumps, spray bottles, and throw participants with water bombs. No one will go dry!

All participants in the water battle will be able to dance with the artists of the Salsa Loca dance school to a salsa master class. Equator summer will end with an incendiary disco.