The new quest "Metro 2033" will be opened for visitors in February!


A new extreme quest "Metro 2033" based on the eponymous post-apocalyptic novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky opens in Questland in February!

The game is designed for a team of up to 5 players. For the successful passage of multi-level rooms, good physical preparation is useful. But the problem cannot be solved without the coordinated work of the whole team.


Nuclear war 2013 destroyed large cities, distorted animals, birds, plants and people who did not manage to hide. Among the survivors are thousands of Kharkiv residents who settled in the subway. Twenty years later, many subway stations are destroyed by mutants, but some have life.

You are a team of stalkers from the Industrialnaya station, you must get to the abandoned Gosprom station. According to rumors, somewhere there is the entrance to the secret Metro-2. And this - resources, food, equipment, will save thousands of residents of the blocked stations. The hope of thousands of residents of the Kharkov metro - you!