2 days of incredible Halloween in Gorky Park!

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On October 26 and 27 Gorky Park will host the festival “Creepy Halloween”. This traditional festival of the park has become one of the most visited and large-scale. Bright shows, atmospheric scenery, unexpected meetings, thematic contests await visitors to the park these days. On the Central Alley, you can make a spooky face painting to taste.

The Saturday holiday is designed primarily for children, while on Sunday the ZombieFest 2019 festival for adults will take place. The partners of the holidays were: Kharkov Dolphinarium "Nemo", the cinema "Park", mirror labyrinth "Luxor", "Miracle Park", 7-D movie.

By Halloween, QuestLand quest rooms will host a special promotion. Any team can participate in it, in which at least one player is dressed in a carnival costume. In this case, you will need to pay for the game one less person (but not less than two). You can order a game for the promotion on the QuestLand website or by calling 099 110 37 27.

On Saturday October, 26 starts the festival "Día de los Muertos", based on the Mexican Day of the Dead. Children in carnival costumes will be able to participate in the action "Life or refreshment". They will need to find rides in the park decorated with carved pumpkins and tell the employee a password - "Life or refreshment." In response, the child will receive a handful of chocolates.

In the den of Billy Kid will be an interactive game "Hunting for zombies." Each participant in the game receives a laser tag weapon with 50 shots. The guys have to find "zombies" on the ranch and destroy it with well-aimed shots. After the victory, the guys will receive pleasant souvenirs. The cost of the game will be 30 hryvnia (tickets are purchased at the box office).

From 12.00 at the Main Stage, in Jack's Barn, registration of participants in the contest of carved pumpkins will begin. The festival organizers will determine the top three works, the authors of which will receive prizes. Awarding of the winners will take place at 17.00 on the Main Stage.

At 14.45 on the Central Square, the team competition “Dead against the Living” will begin - a lightweight version of the popular tournament “Zombies vs. People”. At the end of the games at 16.00 there will be a terrible show of the Laboratory of crazy scientists.

On the Main Stage, at 5.20 p.m., a “Lucky Ticket” draw will take place. To participate in it you should ride on an attraction, save a ticket and write your name and phone number on its back. The ticket will need to be thrown into a special box at the Main Stage. At 5.30 p.m. prizes will be drawn from the partners of the holiday among the lucky ones present.

At 17.30 on the main stage they will choose the best family costume. Parents with children, grandparents with grandchildren and great-grandchildren can participate in the competition. The main thing is that each participant is dressed in a carnival costume. The brightest images will be awarded with prizes.

An evening program with ZUMBA monster dances, a disco and a performance by the “Heart beat brass band” will complete this unforgettable holiday.

 On Оctober, 27 enchanting festival "ZombieFest" for youth and adults. After the thematic children's program “Castle of Count Dracula”, a competitive program with terrible contests will begin. Mad professor Trout presents a vivid show for Halloween.

The Zombie vs. People tournament, which the ZombieFest participants loved, will begin at 16.30 on Central Square. The tournament consists of a number of team duels. Teams of 6 people by lot choose who to play for - for "Zombies" or for "People". Zombies will be connected in pairs - this simulates the slowness and awkwardness of the living dead. The task of the People is to move through the territory of the zombies to a safe place, and the Zombies - to prevent this. The teams have to play three rounds in different scenarios.

В 17.30 на Главной сцене состоится награждение победителей конкурса вырезанных тыкв. Следом на сцену выйдет рок-группа «TV DANGERS».

One of the most spectacular events of the holiday is a massive procession of zombies. Every year it gains an ever-increasing scope. Participants in carnival costumes gather at the Main entrance to the park by 18.00. The procession will take place along the Central Alley to the Ferris Wheel.

The rules for the participants of the zombie procession are simple:

- do not touch or frighten those who do not want it

- do not litter or spoil the park’s property

- no drugs, alcohol

When the procession approaches the Main Stage, the evening part of the festival will open with the traditional song “Tili Bom” in children's performance. All those present in the square will take part in the Thriller flash mob, dance to the rock show of the L’yuus Kerol group. Power and laser show, illusion performance will give a lot of positive to the guests of the festival.

The headliner of the holiday will be the Nightwish show of EMPATHICA. For this grandiose performance additional decorations, pyrotechnic, lighting equipment will be mounted. After the show, Pantera will present a bright fiery performance. The festival will be completed by the ZombieFest Party competition and music program with a costume contest, terrible contests and a special tracklist from the park’s DJs.