Family zone

This is the largest area of the park, where there are entertainment for both children and adults. Here the attractions are decorated in a style typical of various countries and attractions.

Toddlers will love to ride in the mine trailers in the Wild West, shoot airplanes on the Japan ride, and India carousel.

Older children will be happy to ride the rides "Italy", "England" and "Canada", as well as decorated in a pirate style "Barbados" and "Tortuga". The Maya Waterslide is a favorite summer ride for those who are not afraid to get a little wet.

For adults, this zone is preparing real tests: “Egypt” will turn your head, the “Arabia” carousel will lift you by 40m, and “Take-off” will spin in aerobatics on airplanes.

In the family entertainment zone the most unique attraction is located - the “House of Horrors”. This old mansion prepares unexpected surprises, labyrinths and absolutely incredible impressions for you.

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