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Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster — Фото info  quantity Capacity — 16 persons
Roller Coaster — Фото info  payment Ticket price — 50 UAH
Roller Coaster — Фото info  age Children aged 4-8 years old and taller than 100 cm are required to be accompanied by adults.

It is impossible to imagine any of modern amusement parks without having one of those adrenaline bursting Roller Coasters. Kharkiv Gorky Park is proud to have one of them. Storm of emotions, thrill and adrenaline buzz, high speed, insane curves, loops, downruns and amazing feeling of free flight – that is what riders may expect from riding the Roller Coaster!

Exciting anticipation of a ride brings you reverence, thrilling intimidation and unspoken delight. Would you like to experience this kind of emotions’ range? Then welcome to Roller Coaster in Gorky Park – you can find us left from the Main Alley.

Truly exhilarating experience!
This type of rides are originating from USA, but initially it rooted down to riding Russian sledges down icy hills up to 25 m high, built following the order by Peter I. That is why some people eventually name this ride “Russian Mountains”. The odd amusement gained popularity and spread fast to other countries becoming well-known worldwide.

The up to day Roller Coaster was delivered to Gorky Park in 2012 during the large scale renovation of the Park. It was designed and assembled by a European manufacturer following innovative technologies. The emphasis was particularly made on safety issues – seat fittings securely hold the riders inside the carts, preventing drop outs to let you focus solely on the ride.

400 meters of track’s range will fly past the riders with an amazing speed. A ride starts with 20 m climb to spice it up with thrill and delight. Twisted curves, turns, descends and loops are making you question if gravity still works! Your heart is skipping a beat as the sceneries sweep by whooshing in your ears. This got to be a pure extreme!

Welcome to have a great time with mainstream amusement of extreme zone!
Children 4-8 years old and taller than 100 cm are admitted to ride accompanied by adults.