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House of Mirrors Luxor

House of Mirrors Luxor — Фото info  quantity Capacity — 20 persons
House of Mirrors Luxor — Фото info  payment Ticket price — Ticket – 50 UAH

House of Mirrors Luxor

Luxor – is a portal to amazing world of mirrors appreciated by both children and adults. Discover a tangled labyrinth of glass corridors, thousands of reflections, make your way through it, challenging your senses, trusting your intuition. Endless corridors full of shades, lights and music play will become your sweet obsession, confuse your mind leading you to a secret through-glass world.

The labyrinth is made of regular flat glass, mounted the way to confuse visitors as much as possible starting from that very first step. Thus Luxor is an authentic quest to be won over only by a few!  Unexpected dead ends, turns, reflection encounters, fun and laughter are waiting for you along the way. A hall of mirrors and “Da Vinci” room would be a cherry on top of the cake! To know it better, please, come to take off to amazing world behind the mirrors of ancient Luxor!


Welcome to “Through Looking Glass” world!

Everyone is invited to visit House of Mirrors in Gorky Park. It has two complicity levels and can be enjoyed by both children and their parents. The total area of House of Mirrors is 120 meters square which makes it Ukraine’s largest attraction of this kind! It is easy to find as it is located within the Park’s Family Zone close to Mega Disk’o ride.

The House of Mirrors is equipped with CCTV cameras allowing to track your kids passing through the labyrinths. Anyone entering the attraction is provided with PE gloves to keep the mirrors clean and reflections clear. The attraction fits up to 20 persons and will be great birthday or corporate entertainment!

Looking for one true way, we usually have no idea of what is around next turn, trying to reach some aims without knowing which direction they are. Sometimes the fate is just unpredictable, so beware of loosing your way within your own delusions – come to House of Mirrors in Gorky Park and be a winner making your way through it!