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Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion — Фото info  payment Ticket price — 50 UAH
Haunted Mansion — Фото info  age Children of 6-12 years old are admitted on parents’ consent

Professor Kozloff’s Haunted Mansion

Welcome to our Haunted Mansion which will make your heart sink! No doubt its design would attract fans of horror stories and mystic legend will add some vividness to its image.
Some wicked rumors have always been circulating about the house. Some people say that once it was home for black magician Professor Kozloff. Nobody knows for sure what weird professor was busy with behind those massive closed doors and that was the reason of so many obscure and creepy legends had gathered like a snowball. Some said Kozloff was trying to learn the secrets of immortality, others accused him of play with necromancy or voodoo magic abuse. Some people swear they heard blood curdling screams, desperate cries of victims through the thick walls. And then, suddenly, all has disappeared – there was not a single sound, no trace of Professor Kozloff either, the mansion itself got covered with thorn-bush, ghosts and zombies have inhabited empty rooms.

If you are not touched by the legend, please welcome to visit the abandoned mansion to get assured it was all true. It is located in the middle of Gorky Park and ready to impress its visitors with plenty of scary surprises!

Keep out unless you’re tough! A gloomy labyrinth of rooms and corridors is awaiting for you, packed with supernatural essences guarding their dark secrets from outsiders without letting anyone dig out the truth. Only the bravest and the most daring will make their way out solving Professor Kozloff’s secrets.

Even those who already visited the Haunted Mansion, will find new features every next time they come getting a proof that something really mystic and scary is going on there! All visual effects are so natural leaving no doubt that there’s something strange about the house. Please come and enjoy the blood curdling legend of Professor Kozloff’s Haunted Mansion in Gorky Park!

Horror and mysterious quests lovers are welcome!

The up to date Haunted House was built in Gorky park as part of large scale renovation. Since then it’s become one of the most interesting and popular entertainments in the Park. Our guest will have a chance to check out lots of realistic visual effects, experience encountering with interactive elements. You are not limited in time while taking your quest through the Mansion! You can also pick up photos of your visit at the exit.

The Haunted House in Gorky Park is only attraction of this kind in Ukraine. Find more about Professor Kozloff’s story and we promise this visit will be remembered long after that!