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Ferry Wheel

Ferry Wheel — Фото info  quantity Capacity — 235 persons
Ferry Wheel — Фото info  payment Ticket price — 50 UAH
Ferry Wheel — Фото info  age Children under 6 years old ride free of charge if accompanied by adult

You will get an unforgettable experience enjoying bird eye view of Kharkiv from top of our Ferry Wheel! The Ferry Wheel is located at Medieval Square and can be easily seen from all the way down the Main Alley. And even more, when the twilight is gently covers the city, the bright shimmering illumination lights make the Ferry Wheel visible from many parts of town. Kharkiv Gorky park Ferry Wheel is officially the tallest one in Ukraine. None of Ukrainian Ferry Wheels can compete with ours in amazingness, spectacularity and impressiveness. But what makes it so special?


Gorky Park Ferry Wheel


Until recently the former Kharkiv Ferry Wheel did not differ much from many of the same kind, crawled their way back from Soviet era, hiding itself in a Park’s distant corner. Old fashioned open style gondolas, squealing parts and flaked paint – that wasn’t much of attraction then!

But during the major renovation of the park which took place in 2012, the new Ferry Wheel sparkling with fresh, bright colors was put right in the heart of new Park. Now the Ferry Wheel stands high at the end of Main Alley, impressing our guests with its huge dimensions, bright design and numerous illumination lights. These days the Ferry Wheel becomes a recognizable landmark of not just Park but the whole city of Kharkiv.

Hundreds of riders are admitted daily round a year to enjoy a round over the city on Ferry Wheel. Kharkiv looks just amazing from the top of it! You can admire the view of historical downtown, see Gosprom building, huge Svobody square, Uspensky cathedral, “Dynamo” football fields. When twilight falls on the city and illuminated lights take over the sunset colors – the city looks especially stunning!

The Ferry Wheel has 39 gondolas, each of them can host up to 6 persons. So up to 235 persons can ride it at the same time! One of the gondolas is available for people with disabilities and their escort free of charge. The secure ride was the key option for Ferry Wheel’s designers. Gondolas are equipped with hand rails and screen fitted to provide substantial security for our customers and ensure all-season operation of the ride regardless weather conditions.

The ferry Wheel makes the whole turn in 18 minutes filled with amazing impressions and breathtaking views!